Time to Data – Provide rolling deliveries for eDiscovery

With Index Engines you can take on a large TB/PB eDiscovery projects while providing responsive data almost immediately to the end customer with rolling deliveries of new and unique responsive data.

Using the ‘Production’ feature of the your Octane Engine, data can be processed in small batches as it is supplied by the customer, indexed/searched/depup’d and delivered, either natively on disk or in RelativityÒ load files.

For each rolling delivery of responsive data, the signature of each document is stored in a ‘production’ database on the Index Engines appliance. Prior to the rolling extraction/delivery of data the signatures are checked in the production database.

If a document has been previously delivered, which is determined by the signature existing in production database, the document is dropped from the delivery/extraction job. If the signature is not found in the data base the signature is added to the database and the document is extracted.

Multiple ‘production’ databases can be configured and used within a single project.

Utilizing the ‘production’ feature allows rolling deliveries of unique documents and accelerates time-to-data for those urgent eDiscovery projects.

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